Arabesco no nível Grande Prémio

Arabesco, the 10 y.o, Lusitano, owned by Shanelle M. A., bred by Ferraz da Costa, achieved the Grand Prix level as he participated during the schooling show at Inter A level, on january 25th.

Arabesco is a son of Regalo (Grand Prix Lusitano) and is onwed by Shanelle since he was 4 y.o..

Owner and Miguel Ralão have been sharing the training path to achieve Shanelle´s dream to go on Grand Prix level with Arabesco.

It is planned Arabesco will start been showing with his owner.

Miguel Ralão, as a trainer, and already a long time friend, is very proud of the great job Shanelle has been doing. He is looking forward for this next stage!

Arabesco, ridden by Shanelle

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